Business Action on Climate Change: Navigating Carbon Reduction Pathways

  • September 30, 2015

Join our live webinar on Navigating Carbon Reduction Pathways, taking place on Wednesday 30 September at 2pm (BST). As COP21 approaches, businesses are being urged to take increasingly ambitious climate action, with Christiana Figueres recently stating ‘corporations can definitely work out how they can go carbon neutral’. This webinar will unite cross- sector speakers to share perspectives on the carbon policies being perused in different regions, proactive strategies for corporate leadership on carbon management and the opportunities that evolving markets open for businesses, technology developers and financiers to drive low carbon project development.

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Accelerating Sustainable Transport in Cities

  • July 29, 2015

Join our live webinar on Accelerating Sustainable Transport in Cities, taking place on Wednesday 29 July at 3pm (BST). With the global transportation system contributing between 20- 25% of all CO2 emissions, electric vehicles (EVs) offer a powerful and increasingly popular solution for sustainable urban mobility, with the European market growing by 37% in 2014 to bring global EV deployment to 740,000 vehicles.

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Improving Private Sector Energy Efficiency

  • July 08, 2015

The private sector is increasingly seeing the value of investing in supply chain efficiency, as improving the energy performance of global operations begins to make both environmental and business sense. This webinar will unite business leaders to discuss the role of the private sector in integrating energy efficiency measures into business models, considering the financial impact of undertaking such measures and policies that would support greater implementation.

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