Climate Action CEO, Nick Henry, has released the following statement regarding the attacks in Paris on 13 November

''As organiser of the Sustainable Innovation Forum at Stade de France, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to all those who were affected by the hideous attacks that took place in Paris on Friday 13 November. Such violent acts of terror against innocent people are incomprehensible and abhorrent, and my thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones or are caring for the many injured.

Laurent Fabius, France's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, and Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC, have already confirmed that COP21 will proceed as planned and we support them in the decision not to let terrorism derail what will be one of the most important environmental conferences of our lifetimes.

We can confirm that the Sustainable Innovation Forum will go ahead as planned on 7-8 December. An important reason for choosing Stade de France as our event partner was its excellent security record. This was confirmed on Friday when three terrorists were denied entry to the stadium.

France has reinstated border controls and will increase police deployment during COP21, so we feel assured that security in Paris will be appropriate to the level of threat. We are currently reviewing event security with Stade de France in the light of Friday's events to ensure the safety of all participants.''

Delegate Update

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) on the 7th and 8th December.

Entrance will be strictly limited to registered delegates who hold both the ticket* and a corresponding photo ID.

Please ensure you bring both Photo ID (Passport, driving licence or ID card) and this ticket either on your phone or printed. No on-the-door registrations will be accepted. Similarly, no delegate will be allowed to enter the Stadium with someone else’s badge.  

*You should receive your ticket via email on 1st December. If you think you should have received an updated ticket and you haven't, please contact Sophie Tollet urgently.

Security Update

Security at SIF’15

As a result of the heinous attacks that took place in Paris on Friday 13 November we have assessed all arrangements with the Head of Stade de France Security. We are very proud to be working with Stade de France, whose combination of solid security and quick thinking in a difficult situation helped avoid a tragedy at the Stadium on Friday the 13th November.  We are also confident that Stade de France is incredibly secure and as such are proceeding with the event.


No on-the-door registrations will be accepted. Similarly, no delegate will be allowed to enter the Stadium with someone else’s badge. Once inside the Stadium, we will print your official SIF badge with your photograph. This will make entrance the following day much easier and faster.

All delegates and their bags will be searched at Gate E, the entrance to SIF. Luggage will be stored in a room outside of the stadium, and will not be allowed in, so while you can bring your luggage with you, there will be a separate entrance for press and people with luggage. These measures mean that entrance to the Stadium may take longer.

You may also find that more people are driving than are taking public transport, so the roads may be busy, and with so many people in Paris fir COP21, there many delays so please leave extra time for your journey. Registration will open from 07:30 and the opening session starts at 08:30 so please ensure you are prompt to ensure entry.



While ordinarily we would suggest that you use public transport wherever possible, we have been advised that crime on the lines to Stade de France does exist. Similarly, Saint Denis, the area around Stade de France has relatively high levels of crime. Taking account of the recent terrorist events the overall security has been strengthened. Nevertheless, it is preferable to use taxis rather than public transportation. In addition to the existing threat, public nervousness is currently at a very high level and public transport may often be disrupted due to bomb alerts.

We would suggest downloading Uber before you travel and/or finding a taxi company close to your accommodation. Entrance is at Porte E. The address is:

Stade de France

ZAC du Cornillon Nord

Avenue Jules Rimet

Gate E

93216 Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex

Please see here for how to get to Stade de France.

General safety advice from our Head of Security

  • CALM – remain calm in an emergency
  • AWARENESS - Stay aware of any change and threat evolution.  We will be keeping delegates updated of any security threats by email and with Bizzabo, the networking app we are using for the Conference.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY - Respect rules and procedures.
  • TEAM - Stay in touch with your Team mates and keep them aware.


Travel Safety Advice:

  • Avoid travelling alone in sensitive areas.
  • Avoid off peaks hours or wait in safest areas or places (close to the driver for instance in a bus).
  • Be aware of the potential specific threats so that you can preferably choose another type of transportation.
  • After getting out of any kind of public transportation check to be sure that nobody is following.



A basic assessment is suggested in order to minimize risks. This means that you check access to departure routes and main roads in case of emergency. Check the distance to the airport, to the nearest police station, to your Embassy and to any useful international representation.
Check fire exits and emergency roads within the hotel or the premises where you stay.  Check the minimum safety and security standards such as fire extinguishers, and availability of emergency exits. 

A list of hotels with a high level of safety and security are : 

  • Novotel Paris Saint Denis
  • Novotel suites Paris Saint Denis
  • Mercure Paris terminus Nord
  • Courtyard by Marriot Paris Saint Denis

Who to call and what to say in an emergency

Medical help/SAMU15
Police/Police Nationale (Gendarmerie)17
Fire & accident/Sapeurs Pompiers18
SOS - all services (recommended when calling from a mobile)112
SOS - all services (hearing assisted)114
Emergency Shelter115
Child in danger (child protection)119
Missing Child116 000
Emergency: Sea & Lake (calling from land) 112 or 196
Emergency at Sea (calling from sea) VHF Channel 16
Tel: 112


The caller must:

  1. State the location where assistanceis needed
  2. State their name and telephone number
  3. State what happened, and if it is still happening
  4. State how many people need help
  5. State if there are weapons involved

All emergency numbers can be reached from pay phones, without the use of a phone card or money. It is also possible to call emergency numbers from a locked mobile phone (112 might work even when the message "no network available" is displayed).

  • Understand which emergency number to use (in French)
  • Emergency numbers (in French)

European SOS 112

The number 112 can be dialled to reach emergency services - medical, fire and police - from anywhere in Europe. This Pan-European emergency number 112 can be called from any telephone (landline, pay phone or mobile cellular phone). Calls are free. It can be used for any life-threatening situation, including:

  • Serious medical problems (accident, unconscious person, severe injuries, chest pain, seizure)
  • Any type of fire (house, car)
  • Life-threatening situations (crimes)
  • Information on the 112 number from the European Commission website

Pharmacies/Chemist/Drug Store

Pharmacies are generally open from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 19:30. Many pharmacies close between 12:00 and 14:00, although in shopping centres and large towns, pharmacies will stay open non-stop.

At least one local pharmacy will be open on Sundays. Details of and schedule for this "duty pharmacy" (pharmacie de garde) can be found in every pharmacy window, in local newspapers or by contacting the local commissariat.

Find a duty pharmacy (in French) Enter or validate your area postcode when prompted; then chosen the time a pharmacy is required when prompted.  The details of available pharmacies are given.Tel: 32 37

Emergency Words and Terminology

Please note: these phrases have been simplified for easy communication by a non-French speaker. They are not necessarily grammatically correct French.

AccidentUn accident
I have had an accidentJ'ai eu un accident
UnconsciousPerdre connaissance
Heart AttackCrise cardiaque
StrokeAVC (Un accident vasculaire cérébral)
(pronounced "aiy vaiy caiy")
DrowningNoyade (se noyer)
Very sickTrès malade
In labour/having contractionsAvoir contractions 
I am in labourJe suis en train d'accoucher
Need a doctor Besoin un médecin (Il me faut un médecin)
Need an ambulance Besoin une ambulance (Il me faut une ambulance)
The house is on fireLa maison a pris feu
The car is on fireLa voiture a pris feu

Understanding the French Emergency Services

In the event of an emergency dial the appropriate number: medical (SAMU) 15, police 17, fire and accident 18 or the Pan-European number 112.
Explain the situation to the operator (English may be spoken but there is no guarantee). Calls to 112 are received by either SAMU or the fire brigade and then instantly rerouted to the appropriate service or handled on the spot.

The services reached by dialling 15 and 18 operate in conjunction, with the emergency teams having skills, training and facilities suitable to many situations. "Firefighters" are qualified to provide first rescue and ambulance services.

Medical emergencies and accidents (SAMU)

SAMU: The Emergency Medical Assistance Service (Service d'Aide Médicale d'Urgence) reached by dialling 15 or 112.

There is always a qualified doctor is on hand to determine the most suitable response to a call and implement it. This may involve giving the caller information or advice, or sending the appropriate emergency vehicle:

  • an ambulance for a street accident or home emergency
  • a private ambulance
  • a mobile resuscitation or intensive care vehicle or medical helicopter

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