Climate Finance and Carbon Markets: An Infographic

  • October 09, 2015

The latest infographic from Climate Action explores the need for greater financial support for the implementation of meaningful climate action, exploring the roles of carbon markets, private finance and systemic innovation in increasing investment.

As pressure on governments to tackle climate change mounts in the run up to COP21, the investor community also have a vital role to play in shaping an attractive low carbon investment landscape and effectively regulating private sector activity.

Support is accelerating for meaningful action on carbon pricing, with 7 of the largest oil and gas companies uniting to lobby for definitive policy, whilst the World Bank are working to align emerging national and regional markets. This action takes place as global campaigns call for fossil fuel divestment, with the Carbon Tracker ‘Carbon Bubble’ report highlighting the issue that hundreds of billions of dollars is being invested in the fossil fuel industry despite resources being unburnabe if we are to stay within 2°C of warming. Many such other radical shifts will also be required for this target to remain in reach.

The Climate Finance and Carbon Markets infographic explores examples of positive action on climate finance, gathering cross-sector facts to showcase some of the most promising actions being taken.

A sneak peek at the facts…

  • REDD+ has reached $1.9 billion in project approvals, helping developing countries to reduce emissions from deforestation
  • $28 billion of investment was dedicated to climate action by multilateral banks in 2014
  • $140 billion worth of voluntary low carbon investments has been pledged by 13 of the largest companies in the US

This infographic is brought to you by Climate Action and UNEP, hosts of the 6th annual Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15), which will be held alongside COP21 in Paris.

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Climate Finance and Carbon Markets: An Infographic


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