Keynote Address

Chairperson’s Welcoming Remarks

Keynote Address
  • Vision for the involvement of private actors
  • Understanding the actions required to achieve INDCs
  • How will COP21 outcomes interface with SDGs?
  • Achim Steiner
    Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

  • H.E. Dr. Hakima El Haite
    Delegate Minister in Charge of Environment, Morocco and COP22 Host

Keynote Address
  • Private sector adaptation and innovation to drive sustainable products and operations
  • Working  with multiple stakeholders to lead the way
Keynote Address

Examining the impact of the evolving carbon pricing and market matrix on business behaviour and low carbon project development

  • How is the evolving carbon pricing and market matrix likely to impact global business operations?
  • Ensuring that attractive and functional markets drive funding into low carbon technology development
  • Assessing as to whether carbon pricing is catalysing the business behavior and investment needed to tackle climate change
  • Anthony Hobley
    Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Tracker Initiative

  • Barbara Hendricks
    German Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction, and Nuclear Safety

  • Hon Tim Groser
    Minister for Climate Change Issues, Minister of Trade, New Zealand

  • Hans Schulz
    Vice President, Private Sector and Structured & Corporate Finance, Inter-America Development Bank

  • Ingrid Bonde
    Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Vattenfall


Networking Break

    Insight Session

    Climate Leader Insight: Supply Chain Transformation

    Insight Session

    Exploring the role of private sector innovation and investment in developing sustainable urban environments

    • What is the role of the private sector in adapting and innovating solutions for urban areas?
    • Which technologies and approaches are currently being adopted?
    • Leveraging municipal investment streams to create viable business opportunities
    • Building long lasting public and private partnerships to innovate city design
    Insight Session

    A specific look at the opportunities and barriers impacting a more sustainable transport mix for cities

    • Which mix of transport options will be most impactful?
    • Opportunities and barriers to rolling out solutions
    • How breakthroughs in EV technology are changing the face of urban mobility
    • Glenn Schmidt
      Vice President, Government and External Affairs, Americas, BMW Group, Transport Representative

    • Helena Molin Valdes
      Head of the Secretariat, Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), UNEP

    • Monika Zimmermann
      Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI

    • Helen Clark
      Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

    Keynote Address

    Introduced by Bea Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer, Coca- Cola

    • Bea Perez
      Chief Sustainability Officer, Coca- Cola

    Insight Session

    Exploring the increasing role of renewable energy technologies on low carbon development, and how new technologies and grid infrastructure can increase climate change resilience

    • Increasing the role of renewable energy technologies in developing a stable and reliable power supply
    • Developing new technologies for low carbon power production and grid integration
    • Adapting existing and developing new power infrastructure resilient to climate change impacts

    Networking Break

      Insight Session

      Discussing innovative new processes and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of private sector operations

      • Innovating new processes and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of private sector operations
      • Managing business operations within overarching considerations of the food, energy, water nexus
      • Carlo Lambro
        Brand President, New Holland Agriculture

      • Mark Tercek
        President and Chief Executive Officer, The Nature Conservancy

      • Patrick Brown
        Chief Executive Officer, Impossible Foods

      • Nik Gowing
        International Broadcaster

      • Olivier Dubois
        Leader, Energy Programme Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

      Keynote Address

      Understanding the financial landscape around low carbon investment, examining climate specific funds and innovations in traditional financing and insurance

      • Where we stand in the financial landscape: exploring the interplay between carbon markets, climate funds and development banks
      • How can we stimulate private capital to towards innovative energy projects, to be adapted to long term returns and risk acceptance
      • Balancing the divestment of unsustainable assets with increased investment in sustainable innovation
      • Miguel Albero
        Global Head, Origination Trade & Working Capital Solutions, Santander

      • Michel Madelain
        President and COO, Moody's Investors Service

      • Sean Kidney
        Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Climate bonds

      • Eric Usher
        Officer in Charge, UNEP Finance Initiative

      Keynote Address
      Keynote Address

      Hosted by: Carbon Trade Exchange

        Insight Session
        Keynote Address
        Keynote Address
        • Vinod Kesava
          Co-Founder and CEO, Climate Resources Exchange

        Insight Session

        Examining successful action on embedding low carbon measures across global supply chains

        • How to embed  sustainability throughout entire global supply chains
        • Case studies of cross-cutting supply chain management
        • Developing strong procurement policies and regulating and monitoring efforts to guarantee effective implementation
        Insight Session

        Networking Break

          Keynote Address
          • Tom Steyer
            California Business leader, Philanthropist and Clean Energy Advocate

          Insight Session

          Uniting public and private sector actors to explore successful technology and policy innovation for low carbon expansion

          • The triple bottom line: economic case for sustainable innovation
          • Transitioning to sustainable practices: strategies for engineering new business models
          • Examples of successful ground breaking technology development
          • Opportunities for technological leapfrogging in developing markets
          Insight Session

          Networking lunch

            Insight Session

            Each roundtable to report back on 5 specific questions to be developed into a post event report. Sessions will also be recorded to produce a podcast of discussion highlights 

            Current topics:

            • Climate Finance
            • Carbon pricing and trade
            • Renewable Energy
            • Energy Efficiency
            • Carbon Negative Solutions
            • Sparking Radical Innovation for Business and Climate Success
            • Green Buildings
            • The Role of Ethics and Faith in Climate Solutions
            Insight Session

            Exploring how best to inspire and support the next generation to innovate future low carbon solutions

            • Engaging young people in opportunities for climate change innovation
            • Inspiring and supporting young entrepreneurs
            • Utilising social media to connect and drive the movement

            Networking Break

              Keynote Address
              • Chief Oren Lyons
                Native American Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Seneca Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy

              Keynote Address

              Ensuring that low carbon commitments can be monitored and placed within the wider matrix of low carbon transformation

              • Which organisations are working with businesses to track sustainability commitments?
              • Making mechanisms work together to facilitate meaningful monitoring
              • Ensuring that robust national policy supports business commitments
              Insight Session

              Chair person’s Closing Remarks


              Conference close

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